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A journey into faerie magic text

Learn About the Faeries 

This five-week course will take you on a journey into the mystical realm of the Faeries. Learn about the origin of Faeries, their purpose, and what is meant by 'glamour' and its significance in faerie magic. Through this course, you will gain insight into the different categories of Faeries and learn how to connect with them. You will also learn about the importance of 'Planting Signs' in nature and the power of colors in floral magic. 

Connect With Faeries

Learn how to create a Faerie Shrine that serves as an astral gateway. Discover its connection with Angels Anael, Raphael, and Cassiel, as well as with Archangel Lumiel, the Earth's ruler. Understand the importance of facing north and the role of Lunar Goddess Arianrhod and the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. Also, delve into the eight significant festivals of the year and the four days believed to be when faeries are most active.

Visit the Land of the Faeries
if You Dare

Discover the secrets of the mystical land of Faerie and uncover its wonders. Learn about the potential dangers that lurk within the Faerie realm and the necessary precautions to protect yourself from harm. Additionally, gain insight on how to embark on a guided reverie journey to meet the Faerie Queen Argante.

Start The Faerie Magic
Course Today!

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