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Learn about the mystical power of the Divine Feminine.

This force has been known by many names throughout history: Queen of Heaven, The Goddess, The Great Mother, The Holy Spirit, and infinite other names.

The Shekinah is the forcefield of all magic. Learning to regularly align with the Shekinah makes you more magnetic to all good.

In this booklet you will learn all about this force, and will be instructed to construct a powerful talisman to link you with the Divine Light of the Shekinah.

It is through the power of the Shekinah that all angel magic is worked.

You can align yourself with this great power starting today and continue to build a stronger connection over time.

With the Shekinah working freely through your life, all grace, magic, abundance, joy, and love are yours. 

Through the presence of the Shekinah, all magical work becomes effective and transformative.

Your life will take on a new shimmer that increases over time and you learn to work with this Divine Power.


Discover the Shekinah through the ancient lore of the Pauline Arts

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