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In this introduction to Talisman Magic, you will learn the secrets of making very simple talismans to access the great powers of magic that lie dormant within the depths of your mind.

You will learn the art of planting seed thoughts in your deep mind which, just like their physical counterparts, will grow large and bear the fruit of the realization of your dreams, desires, and passions.

Solving problems is much easier when you have access to this awesome power of magic. 

You can get started with no equipment save for a piece of paper and a pencil, plus maybe a jar lid or glass to draw a circle with.

Included in this booklet are techniques to deepen your talismanic practice and get you ready, should you desire it, to work with the more complex aspects of the talismanic arts.

In addition to being an introduction to talismans, this book can also serve as a gentle introduction to the Pauline Arts of angelic magic.

If you can write, you can work this simple yet potent magic.

Learn the ancient mysteries of the written word...

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