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In this introduction to the ancient Pauline Arts, you will learn a potentially life changing  meditation program.

You will learn who your birth angels are, and how you can work with them on a regular basis to transform your life in every imaginable way.

Any path of meditation is beneficial, but this one is special.

It attunes you to your own birth angels, and thus empowers you to  learn your lessons more quickly and less painfully than learning through trial and error alone.

This magic is not an overnight panacea. It is a long-term relationship-building process between you and your birth angels.

Once this relationship is firmly built, you notice that you have a very different view of the world and your part in it.

You aren't scared anymore.

You feel part of the great symphony of life and are eager to do your part in the best way possible.

You are magnetic to your good as you charm your life through your daily Angelic Silence practice.

Learn to hear the sacred voices of the angels

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