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The Dark Magic Course (DMC) - Shadow Work with Ariel Gatoga

There is no charge for this course. You can register for free below and access the lessons.



For centuries, there has been much misinformation about the operations of Dark Magic.


In its purest form, as taught in this course, Dark Magic is completely positive, and is never used for things such as hexing or manipulating others.

Dark Magic involves accessing your own dark side in order to overcome fears and hidden energies which block you from being, doing and having what you desire in your life. 


Dark Magic gives you access access to great power in order that you can overcome negative situations and people in your life, by harnessing those dark energies to transform them into what you desire.

The magic taught in this class is not for the faint of heart, however. You will be meeting your own dark side head on, and working with it to heal situations in your life.


This healing results in very beautiful and tangible changes for you in everything from finances, health, relationships and more. 

Never again need you be ruled by fear, worry or guilt. Never again need you feel at the affect of forces that seem beyond your control.

In this 4-lesson course, you will: 


  • Discover the power of your dark-side. 

  • Learn the awesome power hidden in the depths of the underworld.

  • Learn to use Dark Magic to achieve that which you want in this life.

  • Learn to embrace your darkness rather than denying it, and thereby recognize the light that the  darkness holds for you.

For many practitioners, Dark Magic is truly a major piece that is missing in their practice, and can bring success where there has been failure very rapidly.

The underworld, and your own dark side await!

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