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A Witch's Primer is a popular self-study, free witchcraft course. We call it Non-Denominational Witchcraft.

If you desire to become a witch, this tried, and true 18-week audio course is an ideal place to start!

Learn witchcraft from Ariel Gatoga, just as scores of successful witches have done for many years.

At Ariel's Corner, we offer a full roster of free witchcraft courses.

A Witch's Primer is completely free of charge

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What is included:

  • Collecting and consecrating all the essential witch tools

  • Learning to balance and command the elements

  • Discovering how to enter the witch's trance

  • Contacting a spirit mentor

  • Extensively building your magical power base

  • Receiving thorough training in the timing and casting of successful spells

  • Training in building and maintaining thought-forms

  • Building practical skills in Wand magic

  • Learning the ancient craft of Color Magic

  • Mastering the fine arts of divination


I'll let you in on a very powerful magical secret: 




While it's absolutely true that this course is offered to you 100% free of charge, that doesn't mean that it doesn't cost you anything.

The price you pay is that YOU MUST DO THE WORK!

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This Course Requires Hard Work!

The people who complete this training, including doing all the exercises given, build great power that they can use for good in their lives.

You can build your witch power too.All it takes is commitment, perseverance, and hard work.

Remember. Once you build the power, you too can start using it to cast powerful spells that really work.

Begin A Witch's Primer today!

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